Tuesday, March 15, 2011

piano man (John 3:1-17)

at the bar, where he's
been nursing his wounds
  after a long bored meeting,
Nick pushes himself to his feet
wandering over to
the cigarette-scarred
           where Jesus is
        slowly plinking
        'in the still of the night'

putting a dollar
in the chipped glass,
  he begins to chat
        with the guy
        who can do wonders
              with just a few notes;

nodding slowly,
listening carefully,
     Jesus looks up
           and smiles:
"my man,
you need a new dance partner,"
     pointing to the corner

as Nick turns,
he sees Spirit
  waiting for him with open arms;

"but, Nick," Jesus whispers,
     you gotta let her lead . . ."

as he swings into
a blues version of
     'i could have danced all night'

(c) 2008  Thom M. Shuman

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a handfull (Matt. 17:1-9)

if it was only
in the mist-ery of
   we would never have
   knowledge to understand
               what in the world
      is going on with you;
if it was only
   the thundering voice
            echoing off mountain
   we could never have enough
               silence to hear you;
if it was only
   in the sun and stars
            heaving and
         in birth's throes,
   we could never have enough
              light to see you.

but in you
   to touch us with
      a gentle hand
      on the shoulder,
   lifting us to our feet, whispering
       'don't be scared!  look...'
as you point to
   standing in the kitchen,
   flour freckling the calloused hands
        kneading the dough &
        shaping it into life
              all too easily broken,
   while watching the Spirit
merrily stomping down the
                     grapes of wonder,
      laughing in delight
             as grace stains the hem
   of glory's garment.

a crumb
      a sip,
           a handful of

and that's more than

(c) 2011  Thom M. Shuman