Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Kittens

you promise
to be with me
when death takes my hand
to lead me into life . . .

but how will i know . . .

when i sneak down
the shadowed alleys,
hoping to find
that quick fix
for my broken dreams. . .

when I look up
from the muddy bottom
of desolation's ditch,
wondering where are my friends
who promised
('we'll be there!')
to pull me out. . .

when my addiction
to every sales pitch
i see and hear
trips me up and i fall into
greed's gutter . . .

. . . that you are with me then
and there?

i only need to look behind me -
and there are Goodness & Mercy,
those two stray kittens who follow me
wherever i go,
wherever i am -
just waiting for me to pick them up
and welcome them
into my heart.

(c) 2007 Thom M. Shuman

1 comment:

Katie said...

Thom, I adapted your prayer from Lectionary Liturgies and thought you might appreciate the Florida version . . . Peace.
Praise God, all people!
Praise the Lord, all creation!
otters playing joyfully in the cool waters of the canal,
alligators sunning themselves by Lake Istapoga;
Palm trees swaying in the breeze,
tomato vines cuddling around a stake.
The fragrance of orange blossoms permeating our senses,
armadillos tunneling through our front lawns;
3-year-olds listening to Bible stories,
grandparents dancing to 'their song.'
Spring rose blooms decorating our backyard,
grass growing faster than our children;
love bugs flying aimlessly alighting on our windshields,
acolytes reverently carrying the light of Christ.
Praise the Lord, all creation!
Praise God, all people!