Wednesday, May 27, 2009


when the Spirit comes,
she will put dancing shoes
on my two left feet,
lace them up
and lead me out
onto the floor,
where we will enter
the Argentine Tango

when the Spirit comes,
she will wander through
the barren garden of my soul,
as she opens her hands,
butterflies will skitter
from withered hope
to dashed dream,
breathing them back
to life;

when the Spirit comes,
and finds me brooding
by the stagnant pool of tears,
she will dive right in,
drenching me with God's joy,
then teach me how
to float on my back
(without sinking)
pointing out the flames
flitting about our heads
like fireflies.

come . . .

(c) 2009 Thom M. Shuman

1 comment:

Nik said...

Thom, it's great. Thanks :)