Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and taking a child . . .

conventional wisdom tells us
we should always
stand our ground
until the other person gives in;
God's wisdom from on high
recommends a willingness to yield
so that the other might be served.

the consensus
among tv's talking heads
is that strength
remains the only choice
in confronting the world;
God's strange insight
is that weakness can be
the way to welcome others.

popular belief holds
that we should sit
in our easy chairs,
cynically commenting on
the rottenness of everyone around us;
God's radical response
beckons us to stand by living waters,
handing everyone a drink.

the prevailing sentiment is simple:
if you want to win the race,
use any (and every) means possible
to win the blue ribbon;
God's unorthodox belief
calls us to come in last,
carrying all who have fallen
across the finish line
with us.

sounds awfully child-like to me!

(c) 2009  Thom M. Shuman

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