Thursday, December 23, 2010

we're innocent! (Matthew 2:13-23

we stroll down the
   shoulder to shoulder
   with the other carolers,
            never noticing the teenagers
            huddling in the shadowed
                        doorways, trying to
                        assemble their broken
               into that puzzle called

we rush to the
polling places,
     eager to vote down levies for
                      disability services,
and 'tsk, tsk' at the stories
      of cutbacks on art/music/drama,
            of scenes of mothers
            waiting hours in emergency
            to get medicine for
                          their babies,
      of veterans living on the streets
               and sleeping under bridges;

we reach for the remote
when the news from the wars
comes on,
      missing the scenes of bomb craters
      that are now playgrounds for
           of families who search
           through the rubble, only
                to find their worst fears,
       of houses of worship
                     which are now

we've lost our innocents
and don't know where to
                find them . . .

do you?

(c) 2010 Thom M. Shuman

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