Saturday, December 03, 2011

eusebia (2nd Peter 3:8-15a)

it's tempting to think
that morality
   is about pointing one's
               finger at others,
      showing them the
         errors they have made,
                  but it's really about
    crooking your finger
    to invite the least
          into your home,
              tracing words in a
                    book, so a little
                one can learn,
        testing the wind
           so you know where
                Spirit wants you to

it's simple to act as if
    allows you to walk around
    with your nose up in the air,
                but you need to stick
                   your nose in other
                people's problems,
      so you can help solve them,
          you need to smell the
                    ordure of injustice
             so you can help clean it
                you want to lean down
         and rub noses with a little
           and be filled with laughter;

it's easy to develop
the attitude that
   it is all about my journey,
      of my personal relationship
                                 with the divine,
         of what has been done for
                                           me . . .
but faith
        is God-ward,
             and them-ward
   before it's ever

© 2011  Thom M. Shuman

eusebia is the Greek word translated 'godliness' in 2nd Peter 3:11

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poetreehugger said...

Thank you! I have spent too much time in the me-ward direction in the last while. I hope I can grow more God-ward, which means them-ward. Thank you for the "up-words" message.