Wednesday, January 11, 2012

punctuation (psalm 138:1-6, 13-18)

i remember those
          (all too many) days
                   when the
   appeared at the end
                   of this verse,
       my worries and fears
           trying to boldface it;

there was that one
    time though, when the
        ran up and sang out,
    clear as a bell, that
              shivery afternoon,
         with the wind at my back,
                 standing atop
                          Dun I;

         it is there
                on still as snow,
                   as well as shattering, days;
                in my wondering,
                  and wandering, journey;
               in the shadow of my best self,
                   and trying to trip up my worst;
         however prosaic,
     seemingly forgettable,
              so grammery,
                            but just what i need
'I come to the end--I am still with you'
© 2011 Thom M. Shuman

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