Wednesday, April 24, 2013

marching orders (John 13:31-35)

i could step
      over the homeless
      sleeping on the
         or i could
   lift her to her
   feet, embracing her as my
      as you have . . .

i could continue
   to carry that grudge
         in my heart, letting
      it rub blisters
      all over my soul,
         or i could
   forgive that person
   who gave it to me so
                  long ago,
      as you have . . .

i could keep
            a list
         of all those who
         step out of line, not
      heeding all the
      carved into stone
            by time,
         or i could
   invite everyone to join
      dancing in that circle
      where all are welcome
               just as the are,
as you have . . .

(c) 2013 Thom M. Shuman

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