Sunday, July 02, 2006


it was only
at first,
people averting their eyes,
gossip trickling out
the sides of their mouths
about her 'problem';
then came the years
filled with
laughter, ridicule, rebuke.

telling stories to his friends,
trading jokes with lawyers,
asking riddles of preachers:
she heard the
of his robe's hem
as it brushed
the streets of the kingdom.

if i could only touch it, she

and did.

in the silence,
no one heard the
of grace
flowing through her soul,
making her whole.

in the silence,
Jesus tenderly lifted her
to her feet;
'you are well,
daughter of faith,
go in peace'
was the benediction

(c) 2006 Thom M. Shuman

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Alice W. Suttie said...

Dear Thom
I was led to your blogspot by a link provided by one of our Third Order Franciscan members on our AngFran list. Your words are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing. I hope I too will be able to lead people into God's presence with my writing as you do with yours.
Peace and all good,
Alice tssf (