Thursday, August 25, 2011

easier? (Matt. 16:21-18; Romans 12:9-21)

it's a whole lot
      to lose my
   than to lose my
to leave it propped
      up against the corner
   of the closet, dust
         bunnies sleeping
       at its feet;
to ignore it
      standing on the coffee
   table, looking out the front
           window, its cow eyes
        brimming with tears,
      as i pull away from
     the curb;
to simply reply, 'i can't
   remember the last time
           i saw it,' when
      i'm asked, 'what ever
   happened to your cross?'

each morning, it puts
   into my hands,
   closing my fingers tight
          over it, whispering,
      'don't let go; don't ever
             let go.'
it tapes a picture of
      to my bathroom mirror,
   so i will know it
         when i see it,
     and stand up to
it spends each lonely day
   at the loom,
       weaving the yarns
   labeled hope, love,
      patience, perseverance
         into that community
    which helps me to  
        bear what is mine.

(c) 2011  Thom M. Shuman  

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